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We are very pleased to welcome You to the wonderful place of Lithuania surrounded by lakes and forests where will be so many talks about space again! 

POSTCOSMOS is a cosy little festival for 500-600 fans of alternative music, arts and cosmos. The annual openair festival POSTCOSMOS is marked on the calendar from 7 to 9 of June this year.



FRIDAY, 7th of June

  • Direktorius (dj/selecta)
  • Paul Nwrmnd (dj/selecta)
  • Patris (live performance with cello)
  • MonikaZe (live performance with light show)
  • Carol (dj/selecta)
  • Polyester (dj/selecta)

SATURDAY, 8th of June

  • Lea Porcelain (post punk/indie/electronic), Germany
  • Dlina Volny (post punk), Belarus
  • BLACK WATER (romantic techno), Lithuania
  • Oorchach (post-industrial/ritual/dronoise), Lithuania
  • Pindrops (post-punk/ shoegaze), Lithuania
  • Pilnatys (lo-fi/indie), Lithuania
  • Ruta MUR (80's synthpop), Lithuania
  • No Real Pioneers (post-rock, screamo), Lithuania
  • Zan Hoffman (experimental), United States





The venue of POSTCOSMOS is located in Lithuania, Moletai region, Utena district, Kulionys, 55°18'36.6"N 25°33'21.1"E, around 70 kilometres from capital Vilnius and 120 kilometres from Kaunas.

It is close to the Moletai Astronomy Observatory and Museum of Space history, so it’s a good match to our main theme cosmos. All the guest of Postcosmos are invited to visit these institutions during the night to explore sky through the telescopes. The visiting schedule will be added to our website 1 week before the event or earlier. The distance to walk is around 1 kilometre one way. Drunk or drugged people are not allowed.




We do have two different types of tickets:

  1. For the whole festival (price starts from 35 euros)
  2. For Saturday only (price starts from 25 euros).

Please find tickets on the PAYSERA TICKETS PLATFORM <<<<




You are very welcome to build Your tent at the camping of POSTCOSMOS for free. If You are sensitive to noise or load music please take Your ear plugs. Also, You will provide Yourself more comfort if there will be wide range of clothes for various weather, warm socks for sleeping, a flashlight, bathing/swilling accessories, and other attributes needed for the night's survival in nature in Your travel bag.

For those who don’t like camping we offer a bed or a bedroom in Moletai Astronomical Observatory. The price for one night is from 15 to 17 euros per person. The shower, toilets and kitchen are shareable with others. Please contact us by e-mail post@postcosmos.lt and we will give You more information about this option.



During the event, the cars will be parked on the road next to the venue. Please park your car so that it won’t make troubles for the other drivers. Parking is free of charge.



Fresh food, drinks, coffee and tea will be available to by on the catering cort. The menu will be suitable for vegetarians. Also, You can bring your own food or cooking tools, but be careful and friendly - do not leave grilled grass or trash.



  • There will be the security team working during the festival.
  • There will be trash bins everywhere, so please put Your trash only there. Also we really try to be sustainable and sort out the trash so You are welcome to help us.
  • Please don't leave your children or dogs unattended.
  • Please wear the POSTCOSMOS X bracelet during the event.
  • Do not make fires in non-adapted areas.
  • Do not bring Your own alcohol drinks, intoxicating substances or guns. Those attributes will we confiscated by Security or Police officers.
  • Try to keep toilets clean.
  • Swim in the lake responsibly.
  • Act responsibly throughout the event. Individuals who do not comply with these rules will be asked to leave the event without being able to return.

If You have more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask sending us an email: post@postcosmos.lt